About us

Tania's Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation is here to take the worry away from your business. When you choose to deal with us we make sure that you receive quality services at affordable prices. In today's economy knowing where you stand may be your company's main concern. But knowing how to get the numbers to succeed can become challenging when you are uncertain at how to go about getting those numbers. That's where we come in - we stand beside you every single step of the way and spend the time to make certain you understand fully where you stand. It's one thing to have reports it's another to know what those numbers mean. Find out how you can save plenty of $$$ by managing your bookkeeping with us. Experience with: 1. Construction (Painters, House Movers, Home Builders, etc) 2. Business Franchisee 3. Retail 4. Realtors 5. Property Management 6. Eldercare/Daycare 7. Service Providers 8. Trucking


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